Yoga Paint Party™

This 2 – 3 hour engagement invites you to use your body as a paintbrush to create a mess-free painting on your yoga mat. Think advanced finger-painting, without the mess and the stress. Sessions include one hour of yoga, materials, and your original painting to take home.



Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a practice that uses yoga postures and breathing to engage, energize, or relax the mind and body. Gently paced, classes are sequenced with broad variation so students might choose the appropriate postures for their bodies.  


Afrobeats flow

You'll travel with your bodies, hearts, and minds as we flow through a vinyasa sequence to Afrobeats! Afrobeats is full of high vibes, mixing African hip hop and with traditional music. You'll flow through the latest West African tunes forming a connection between the global and local. This class is an all levels vinyasa yoga class.


This yoga class will support everyday warriors to step into their power, step into their strength, step out of trauma and into joy. In power, we trust- our bodies, our minds, our movement. In this trauma-informed class, using a mixture of power and restorative yoga, we will heal old wounds, release dis-ease and learn to love our bodies, minds, and movement again. This class includes a mix of power and restorative yoga.


full moon yoga Flow

The full moon is an ideal time to welcome in new energy by releasing that which no longer serves us. In our full moon yoga flow we will utilizes postures and breath that encourage release, self-love, and authenticity. We will close out the class with a silent meditation grounding us in our individual & collective healing.

trap n twerk yoga

This class is an opportunity to flow into hip opening and hip releases set to the beat of trap music. Come prepared to have fun, move your hips to the beat, release those hips, twerk, and leave it all on the mat.

YOGA foundations

Revisit the foundations of your yoga practice during this hour of gentle Hatha yoga. A class that's great for beginners and those wishing to be steeped in the basic elements of a Hatha yoga practice, sign up for an energizing session focused on breath, movement, and meditation.


Specialty Workshops


Artist Kickback

Experience Yoga Paint Party coupled with a workshop led by a professional artist. Disciplines range from 2 and 3-D visual artists, writers, musicians, and more. Each 3-hour class includes about an hour of yoga and about an hour of an artist workshop.


Delicious Wombalicious: Yoga Make & Take

Delicious Wombalicious (good vibes for the womb and reproductive space) provides a healing space for the energy and muscles surrounding the womb. A gentle yoga practice, participants will activate and engage the muscles around the hips, pelvis and lower back with a mix of restorative and energetic poses. This evening of yoga is accompanied with a make & take waist-beads and (good for the womb) tea-making activities where guests can create their own reminder of Delicious Wombalicious healing.

Oh, and there's twerking. Wombalicious twerking.

Teachers include EmpressLove, Alecia Dawn, and Carrie of Organic McCannic.


Selfcare Sundays

Nourish your mind, body, and spirit during an afternoon layered with ease and curated for healing. Pause and spend the day coming back to you. Workshops vary from afternoons of restorative yoga to make & take healing activities.