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How does this Yoga Paint Party thing work?

Yoga Paint Parties are fun spaces to take finger-painting to an entirely new level. Each guest adds paint to a canvas, then covers the artwork-in-progress with a clear yoga mat. As the yoga sequence continues, body pressure on the mat moves the paint around. Then tada! Art!

 I'm new to yoga, should I come to a Yoga Paint Party?

Yes! Our goal is to relax, move, and make art with our bodies. For that reason, all experiences use gentle yoga as a foundation and lead the session with beginners in mind. 


Do I need to bring a yoga mat to Yoga Paint Parties?

Only if you want. Some guests place a regular yoga mat on top of the painting mat for extra grip. Though, most guests practice on our yoga mat.


What kind of paint do you use?

We use various acrylic paints. Specialty workshops that include young children include child-safe non-toxic supplies and paints.




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