Mother's Day Selfcare Box

Mother's Day Selfcare Box

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Featuring recipes by Organic McCannic

What does healing look like for moms? Whether a new baby has arrived, you’re a caretaker of loved ones, or a seasoned mother of many -- this self-care box was designed to cultivate healing practices into daily rituals. Wake up and drink womb-friendly teas with ingredients that nourish the uterus, start the day with refreshing scrubs to cleanse and revive the skin, soak in a soothing sitz bath before bed to comfort the perineum of new mothers (or simply use it in a regular bath) - this box was curated by mother’s for mothering. Purchase this gift to encourage yourself, or the mother in your life, to prioritize self-care as a healing, daily practice.

Please enjoy:

  • One lavender and tea tree essential oil salt scrub as an underarm or overall body scrub

  • One citrus essential oil sugar scrub for face and body

  • One ounce of womb-friendly tea (6 - 10 cups of tea)

  • Epsom salt as a sitz or regular bath soak

  • Four sitz bath herb pouches for perineum care or regular bath soak

  • One spring candle

  • Edible treats and words of affirmation


  • $35 pick up in studio on Sat, 5/11/19

  • $40 shipped to you on 5/1/19

Limited quantity available. Purchase today to reserve your self-care box.

Items are not designed to treat or cure illness. Consult your doctor before use.

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